Jerry Ferrara Sans 55 Pounds


Did Entourage just made a story revamp adding a new character or is that just Turtle in new clothes? Actor Jerry Ferrara, better known as turtle has recently revealed his newly shaped up body and announced that he had lost 55 pounds.

The erstwhile biggie size 31-year-old actor finally told Life & Style magazine that he had shed a whooping 55 pounds and all he did was to follow proper diet and exercise. “I’m just eating well. I really changed everything [about] what I ate and was drinking. It’s been slow, maybe two or three pounds a month,” said the newly leaned actor.

Ferrara also attributed his dramatic weight loss on exercise. According to the reserved and “domesticated” star, working out definitely helped alot. He, however, explains that the entire regimen is not drastic rather “just gradual changes”.
(According to a close friend that includes trading burgers and fries for tofu, fresh organic fruit and vegetables).

Ferrara also revealed that there will be changes in his character, Turtle, on the upcoming season of Entourage. Producers have decided to include his newly transformed physique into the script.

Congratulations Jerry, you have been a testament to the saying “If there is a will, there is a way”.

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