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Justin Bieber Invited to the Prom by a Fan


After Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake got ‘persuaded’ to attend the Marine Corp Ball via a YouTube invitation by their respective marines, here comes a high school junior who took the same YouTube route and invited her idol, singing sensation Justin Bieber to be her date – to the prom.

‘No harm in trying… Besides, you will never know unless you ask’, must be some of the things going on in Cady Eimer’s mind. Eimer is a 17-year old high school junior from Poquoson, Va.

Eimer and a friend took to YouTube to plead with Bieber to go to prom in the form of a rap.

Wearing Kanye West-esque shades, Eimer raps, “I’m a fly looking lady. I like you for you, so your mom would approve.”

She goes on with, “Why don’t you go to prom with somebody who’s not going to be drooling over you all night long, and I’ll treat you like a normal person,” as Bieber’s “Never Say Never” plays in the background.

Eimer concludes her rap with, “It will be really fun, cuz I’m awesome.”

Justin has not yet responded to the invite.

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