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Throat Cancer Survivor Michael Douglas Caught Smoking


Barely six months after winning his battle with stage four throat cancer, Michael Douglas seem to be back to his old chain-smoking ways. (Tsk, tsk, does he have a death wish or something?)

Douglas was caught smoking on a yacht last week – and the whole thing was capture on camera.

Moreover, in photos appearing on the new issue of ‘Star Magazine’, where the 66-year-old veteran Hollywood actor also appears on the cover, he is seen puffing on a seemingly hand-rolled cigarette.

He was diagnosed with stage IV throat cancer last August and lost at least 32 pounds due to an intensive treatment of chemotherapy and radiation.

Douglas was given a slim chance of surviving so you would think that he would swear cigarettes off after making a remarkable recovery.

But as the New York Daily News quoted Dr. Eric Genden, a Mt. Sinai surgeon specializing in cancers of the head and neck, as saying, It’s rare to return to smoking after something like this, but it’s an addiction akin to heroin. It’s a physical addiction, not just psychological, and very difficult to break.”

He adds, “But it’s a bad idea. In patients with a history of carcinoma of the throat, smoking represents an exceptionally high risk to developing recurrence and even dying from the disease.”

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