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Sonu Nigam Welcomes Britney to Bollywood


Is Bollywood ready for Britney Spears? Well, ready or not Britney is ‘coming’ to Bollywood by way of an album collaboration with Sonu Nigam.

Reports have it that it was Britney Spears herself who got in touch with Bollywood’s Sonu Nigam to ask him to sing for the album she is working on and to compose a part of the song called “I Wanna Go”.

Last night Britney took to her Twitter account and tweeted , “Watch out Bollywood, it’s Britney and Sonu!”

Sonu tweeted back, “India loves you Britney. Welcome to Bollywood. Am loving the fact that it’s our collaboration.”

However, Sonu revealed that he did not personally meet with Britney for the collaboration and would not be able to talk about her.

He says, “World over, collaborations are done that way. I recorded my piece here and sent it over to her and she liked it. Also, she let me compose and write the lyrics for her too. I really liked the way she completely trusted me with it.”

Asked if Britney is planning to visit India, Sonu said, “I don’t know. But I hope she comes down and let us host her.”

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