Lady Gaga: I’m a really cheap date”


According to five-time Grammy winner Lady Gaga, it does not take much effort from a man to get her to go out on a date.

While other women would prefer to be swept off their feet right on the first date, with a fancy dinner, a bouquet of roses and expensive champagne, men out there who would like to hook up with the Lady will score more points from her if you take her to a bowling alley and give her a bucket of cold Budweiser.

Lady Gaga revealed on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ chat show that her ideal night out would be visiting a tenpin bowling alley and a few beers. – because she is a good bowler who gets worse as she keeps on drinking.

She was quoted as saying, “I am a good bowler pre-Budweiser (I love it) and then when the beers start loading up I become worse and worse and worse which is really great for whoever is taking me out because I’m a really cheap date.”

Lady Gaga also revealed that despite her love for bowling, she is not fond of renting bowling shoes as she feels her fans could not bear to see her without her trademark heels.

She said, “Absolutely not. What if one of my fans walked in to the bowling alley and saw me in flats? I think they’d have a heart attack.”

I would have a heart attack if I see her without her ‘costumey’ makeup and weird hairstyle. Or if I see her getting off a ‘normal’ vehicle and not an enormous egg, shell or whatever she calls that thing.

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