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Hugh Hefner Claims He has Sex Weekly


Hugh Hefner is not about to take Crystal Harris’ pronouncements about their sex life, or lack there of, sitting down on his favorite couch wearing in his trademark red and black robe – he is going to announce to the world that, on the contrary, he has sex on a weekly basis and regularly with Crystal all throughout their two-year relationship.

Oh, come on Hef, is it not enough that Crystal has apologized and you have accepted her apology?

Do you need to baffle the world and make people think that you are some sort of a ‘medical wonder’, because even at 85 years of age you ‘claim’ to have sex weekly? To me that is even more astounding, and unbelievable, than when Crystal said sex with you lasted ‘like two seconds’.

As scientifically impossible as it may seem, Hef tried to piece his version of ‘reality’ together with Harris’ claim by saying that Crystal was not the only woman he was getting physical with, saying, “My sex life involves more than one partner and has since the end of my marriage in 1998.”

Ergo, Crystal might have been ‘scraping the bottom of the barrel’ because Hef had already gotten his fill from the other ladies in the Playboy mansion.

Okay, everything is crystal clear now. Let us just hope Crystal Harris does not issue a rebuttal because Hef’s latest statement make her seem like a liar.

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