Soulja Boy Gifts Himself a Private Jet


From Lady Gaga admitting to being ‘a cheap date’ we move on to an overly extravagant birthday celebrant – rapper Soulja Boy.

Rapper Soulja Boy reportedly celebrated his 21st birthday this week and thought of gifting himself a very, very expensive gift — an ultra grand $55 million private jet.

But, wait there is more! According to, the birthday celebrant did not stop at ‘just’ buying himself the luxury private jet. He added another $20 million worth of ‘amenities’.

No, we are not just talking extra comfy plane seats or a bigger and better toilet. Soulja Boy had to have “12 custom Italian leather seats, flat screen TVs, 4 liquor bars, a special travertine tiled floor and Brazilian hardwood cabinets”.

He also reportedly had an overhauled bathroom and an entirely new paint job, which features his own logo, of course.

Well, it is one thing to own a $55 million plane, I am sure he needs it for concert tours and what not. But, to add another $20 million for liquor bars and a special travertine tiled floor, among other ‘amenities’? I think that is really going overboard.

Has Souldja Boy not seen the famine plaguing Somalia on any of his flat screen TVs – at home or on his private jet? He ought to be ashamed of himself! That $20 million could have fed the whole nation for at least a year and saved a couple a hundred lives from death due to starvation.

Grow up kid!

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