Azkals to Amanda Coling Issue: ‘No Comment’


Things have not been going well for the Azkals since the ‘gang rape’ issue first came out on print.

Soon after the controversy was picked up by the local media, the Philippine Football hopefuls lost their first game to Kuwait’s Al Azraq – dimming the Azkals’ chances of qualifying for the very much coveted 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Their only hope was to score 4-0 in their second game against Kuwait, but that too was a lost cause. Kuwait won 2-1, bringing the aggregate score to 5-1.

At about the same time, Amanda Coling, the alleged ‘gang rape’ victim was out on TV again, granting interviews but still refusing to confirm or deny that she has indeed been raped by four Azkals team members namely: Anton del Rosario, Simon Greatwich, Jason Sabio, and goalkeeper Neil Etheridge.

Because of the disappointing loss, people started speculating that the team was affected by the Coling rape issue.

However, del Rosario refuses to think so. He told, “I mean, we’re all professionals, we’re all focused on the game, that’s all that matters.

“Also, this issue, it’s obviously not an issue. We don’t think about it. There’s nothing to talk about.”

On the other hand, Jason Sabio said, “Well, honestly, I put it at the back of my brain because, you know, I want to focus on our game against Kuwait.”

The two others simply answered ‘No comment’ when asked about it, with Simon Greatwich explaining that “I don’t want to talk about it. I’ve been advised not to talk about it.”

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