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Gwyneth Sheds Mom-fat Goodbye in Vanity Fair


The latest spread of Vanity Fair features a famous mother with a drool-worthy figure to boot, no less than the ultra-svelte actress Gwyneth Paltrow:

The jewelry special issue had Paltrow don some sexy fishnet stockings an a few pieces of jewelry. This is part of the Vanity Fair calendar for the Emma Stone August 2011 issue. She is still sizzling hot and looking fit and trim for a 38-year-old woman, a good example of the fruits of eating and living healthy:

When asked how she judiciously maintained her figure, she admits to a strict daily routine that she adheres to six times a week. She wakes up early for exercise and watches what she eats, permanently shunning processed foods for her and her two lovely children. In particular, she jogs extensively and makes sure that she covers a lot of ground as she does so. And she has grown to love this discipline because it helps make her feel so much better. But she has this weakness for wine, which can be a health hazard which does not really show in her latest pictorial with Vanity Fair.

Before the release of these photos, Paltrow was also seen in Italy wearing a skimpy bikini that highlights the lovely fruits of her two hour per day body workouts. Porto Cervio, Sardinia, is most thankful for the lovely view. Another star, Hillary Duff, also graced the shores of Italy with a tiny bikini. Regardless, the impeccable maintenance that Gwyneth has for her thirty-eight year old body is nothing short of admirable. Youth is always at an advantage but that maintenance for one’s body is a test that can only be proven by time and sheer discipline.

It was not easy for Gwyneth to have a routine for fitness, but she managed to force herself to wake up early for the sake of an appealing booty. But aside from the bikini spree, Paltrow also knows how to chill out and take some time off work and sultry photo shoots. With the Martin kids Apple and Moses, she boarded on a yacht with the Spielberg family. They had a grand time in the Mediterranean. They missed Chris Martin, who was on a concert that time with the rest of Coldplay and Beyonce Knowles.

All that, and she even has Coldplay’s Chris Martin for a love, who is just as lucky to have her as she is him. Plus, she can pull off selling lemonades while wearing Wayfarers in London’s sidewalk with her kids for love of animals makes her a vivacious  superwoman:


The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, U.K.’s animal welfare charity, will benefit from these, thanks to Gwyneth’s daughter Apple who is a vegetarian and animal lover. Also shown in the photo above is Moses, Gwyneth’s son.

The woman can act, be a lover to a famous musician, handle babysitting, wear only diamonds, and carry cardboard boxes for furry creatures. What’s not to like, right?

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