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Maria Treats Arnold to Birthday Lunch


Yes, that is the right way to exact revenge – kill him with kindness and make him regret every second he spent romancing your former househelper and fathering a son with her behind your back.

But, then again, he is trying to mend his crooked ways, agreeing to give you more than half of his accumulated wealth plus paying for both your lawyers. So maybe, he does deserve an ounce of kindness, or in this case a birthday lunch.

And, that is exactly what Maria Shriver did – treat ex-husband Arnold Schwarzenegger to lunch for his 64th birthday and ordered him an espresso after. See, Arnold, do you see now what kind of woman you have lost?

The estranged couple went out with two of their four kids, Christopher (who is still recuperating from a surfing accident) and Patrick. Sources said Maria and Arnold even arrived in the same car.

When it was time to pay, Maria grabbed the bill and quickly handed her card to the waiter while asking for a cup of espresso for the former governor.

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