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Dianna Agron Poses For Flaunt Magazine


They maybe playing the role of the “outcast” but they surely aren’t one in real life. Case in point, Glee’s smokin hot Dianna Agron who just posed for Flaunt Magazine.

The 25-year-old hottie who plays Quinn Fabray in the hit musical series Glee gamely “flaunted” her supersexy bod, wearing a yellow Bottega Veneta corset dress for the said magazine which left many red blooded male in sweat. While the current shots are not as racy as the controversial GQ spread, male fans are still gripping on the edge of their seats.

Agron, rumored to be dating actor Sebastian Stan, also granted Flaunt magazine an exclusive interview. “I’m the happiest that I’ve ever been,” said the I am Number Four star. She also shared her take on her much buzzed new hairdo. “It’s almost like putting on the glasses and all of a sudden you’re smarter. It’s a very interesting and lovely observation that I keep having of how people treat me now that my hair’s different,” said Agron.

In the new issue of Flaunt Magazine, Miss Agron showed off her well maintained body in various poses. In one shot she wears a Gothic silk and lace Dolce & Gabbana bodysuit and tights.

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