Amanda Coling: I Want to be Attuned with the Universe


The girl in the middle of the Azkals gang rape controversy has come out of the woodwork.

Over the past two weeks Amanda Coling has been to at least two shows (‘at least’ because those were the ones I actually saw), one a showbiz talk show where she supposedly first spoke up and just hours ago in a show hosted by Ali Sotto – not exactly a showbiz talk show, but one which supposedly aims to get the real deal on current issues.

As I watched Coling parry ‘leading’ questions by Sotto, I cannot help but ask if she is ‘on something’… be it alcohol, drugs or even valium.

For an alleged gang rape victim Amanda Coling is surprisingly calm. She seems unaffected by any trauma whatsoever – and it seems she is actually enjoying her ‘fifteen minutes of fame’.

Moreover, although she is not incoherent in her statements, it seems she just wants to play cat and mouse with whoever is interviewing her. Her speech was also a bit slurred, which made me wonder even more if she has false teeth or she got injections on her lips that is why they don’t seem to move much even when she speaks.

Now, I have not read what she says are nasty things being written or said about her. My observations on her demeanor and appearance are based on the interviews I saw of her.

Besides, what puzzles me is why won’t she confirm or deny if she has indeed been raped by the four Azkal players being accused of the crime? If she intends to stay quiet about the whole thing, why does she keep on appearing on talk shows and giving interviews?

Even the psychologist on Sotto’s show who was tasked to ‘assess’ Coling seems bewildered, that she had to ask what Amanda wants to get out of all this [TV appearances]… what her goals in coming out were [maybe ‘objective’ would have been a better word]. To which Amanda answered that her short-term goal is to be attuned with the universe.

Actually, she said she wanted to be in alliance with the cosmos before simplifying it to being attuned with the universe. Too bad I didn’t get the exact words, but Ali Sotto seem to find it too profound for the question asked. Besides, what they wanted to know is what she plans to do about the ‘gang rape’ issue which Coling seems to leave hanging each and every time.

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