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Amitabh Bachchan Celebrates Two Birthdays a Year


Amitabh Bachchan’s birthdays can be quite costly because he celebrates it twice in a year – the first one being the day his mother gave birth to him, and the second is what he considers his ‘rebirth’.

Bachchan experienced being born ‘again’ after a near fatal accident almost claimed his life while shooting on the set of Manmohan Desai’s ‘Coolie’ back in 1982. The mishap was so fatal that Bachchan was declared clinically dead.

So, it is only fitting that he considers August 2 as his second birthday as it is indeed the day he was given his second lease on life.

Since the accident, the Bollywood veteran actor has been celebrating the day as his “second birthday”.

On social networking site Twitter, the actor lovingly called the Big B shared, “The 2nd of August and the day that I was clinically dead, but revived. The day that can be looked upon as my rebirth. The day that the doctors never gave up on me and fought with all that they had to bring me back.”

Bachchan even greeted and wished himself a happy birthday. “2nd August 1982 !! The day I was revived after being clinically dead after Coolie mishap .. so happy birthday today with friends!.”

He is said to have spent the memorable day with friends amidst poetry, poem, song and nostalgia.

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    I bet he will be 100 years old soon! Haha!


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