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Lady Gaga Sued for Copyright Infringement


Just when she is starting to ‘grow on me’ as a singer and a charitable person, Lady Gaga gets slapped with a lawsuit alleging copyright infringement by a Chicago-based singer-songwriter.

Also named in the suit are Brian Joseph Gaynor, DJ White Shadow, Interscope Records and its parent company Universal Music Group.

According to court papers filed by Rebecca Francescatti in the US District Court in Illinois on Wednesday, Lady Gaga’s song ‘Judas’, (for her album ‘Born this Way’) allegedly infringes upon the copyright of her song ‘Juda,’ which she recorded back in 1999.

Francescatti claims that “substantial original portions” of ‘Judas’ were lifted from the song that she re-recorded in 2005 for her album, ‘It’s All About You’.

Moreover, Francescatti revealed that her song ‘Juda’ was engineered by Brian Joseph Gaynor, a member of DJ White Shadow, which also worked with Lady Gaga on her new album Born This Way.

DJ White Shadow is said to have written 17 of 20 songs on Born This Way album.

The suit seeks share of profits from the sale of the record or damages of an unspecified amount.

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