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Sam Pinto Courted By Jake Cuenca, Wants to Work with her Crush Gerald Anderson


Sam Pinto, latest evictee of Pinoy Big Brother Double Up may now be living back in the “real world” but as soon as she stepped out of the Big Brother’s house, intrigues immediately faced her.

She guested last Sunday on The Buzz, and there she confirmed that hunk actor Jake Cuenca once courted her but that was when Jake was still not that famous as an actor and model for big brands and his courting was just stalled when the his biggest break with Tayong Dalawa took over his time.


Asked if she was hurt with Jake’s sudden disappearance, Sam said “A bit, yeah,” as the actor did not even bother to tell her that he is going to focus on his career and so just vanished. After that, the two did not have any communications.

For now, Sam Pinto is not dating anyone.

Asked by Kris Aquino about her plan after PBB Double Up, Sam jovially told the hosts of the show that given the chance, she wants to work with Gerald Anderson who is also her showbiz crush.

Hmmm…what will the Kimeralds say about this? Sarah Geronimo may have not triumphed on having a love team with Gerald Anderson on a project, but could it be Sam Pinto who is going to steal Gerald from Kim Chui?

Any thoughts about Sam Pinto courted by Jake Cuenca, and now wanted to work with her crush Gerald Anderson? Kindly share your thoughts, especially Kimerald fans.

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  1. Jakimerald says:

    No offence, but Sam Pinto doesn’t have benevolence and isn’t erudite enough to realize that Gerald already has Kim..!! Kimerald is the undisputed and the most famous loveteam in the Philippines!!!

    Well, I couldn’t blame Sam for linking her own name to Gerald..! She’s eager to gain popularity! And what’s the best thing to get instant-popularity?? To use someone’s who’s famous right??

    Sam pinto is freakin’ pathetic!!

  2. sophia says:

    are you sure she’s not dating anyone???do you know that Sam Pinto and Paul Jake are always spotted in a club here in Cebu. sobra silang PDA!


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