Anna Nicole Smith’s Home Up For Sale for $1.75 Million


After the devastating news that courts are denying Anna Nicole Smith’s estate any part in the huge fortune left by her former husband J. Howard Marshall comes the news that her Studio City, California home is up for sale – signs of the times?

Though Larry Birkhead seemed unfazed by the loss of the massive inheritance his daughter with Anna Nicole, Dannielyn, could have received, maybe it is indeed time to shore up some cash for the little girl. After all, the kid is growing up fast and she is likely to have rising expenses.

So, what will a prospective buyer get for $1.75 million? Aside from a bounty of star value (the home is where Anna Nicole filmed her ‘The Anna Nicole Show’ back in the early 20002), the new owner will get a five-bedroom 4,700 square-foot abode with a sprawling outdoor deck and a pool and spa which offers a panoramic view of Los Angeles.

Larry Birkhead and four-year old Dannielyn are the current residents of the property. No word was given on where they plan to move once the house gets sold.

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