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Lady Gaga Meat Dress Preserved for Perpetuity


I am sure you are all too familiar with brides freeze-drying their wedding bouquets or propping their wedding gowns on shadow boxes for display, or hunters who preserve and stuff their prized hunts before lining them up on the wall.

But, have you heard of a taxidermist being commissioned to restore and preserve a ‘meat dress’ – not just any meat dress, but the one Lady Gaga wore?

If you are a Lady Gaga fan, for sure you have seen or at least heard of the ‘meat dress’ she wore at the September 2010 MTV Video Music Awards. And, like any ordinary thinking human being, you would have thought the dress will not survive the next day and will probably be thrown away or fed to a meat-eating crocodile.

Guess again.

A California taxidermist has earned a rare place in pop history – for restoring and preserving the controversial meat dress lady gaga wore.

Sergio Vigalato has successfully restored and preserved Lady Gaga’s raw-meat dress, which is now on display in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland.

Vigalato was said to be unaware of the dress or who was the artist who wore it (I take it to me he is no Lady Gaga fan), but he agreed to the project anyway.

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