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Rebecca Black: Everyone has Haters


Yeah, everyone has haters – but Rebecca Black of the YouTube ‘Friday’ fame has quite a lot that I think it is stupid. Do people hate her because she is another YouTube phenom taking Hollywood by storm? Or, because she suddenly got a lot of attention that people feel she does not deserve?

Whatever the reason people have for hating her, the good thing is Rebecca Black is taking it all in stride – as a matter of fact, she is having the time of her life (which might make people hate her even more).

Anyway, an ecstatic Rebecca told ‘Access’, “”I’ve only been here a few minutes and it’s already been insane, it’s crazy! It’s my first award show…I’m still the same person… I’m kind of living my dream right now. It’s really cool.”

Black, who recently released her second single, “My Moment,” said, “Everyone has haters, I could donate all of my organs to children in need and I would still have haters. It’s just something I think that comes with all the attention, so I just have to deal with it.”

Love her or hate her, Rebecca Black is simply having her moment.

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