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Li-Lo’s Lover Will Have Their Common Ink Covered Up


DJ Samantha Ronson has been known to be the on and off intimate partner of the disturbed actress Lindsay Lohan for 2 years. After she was charged with 2 misdemeanors two days ago after DUI arrest, here she is again making it to the headlines. She made it known to everyone that she is now going to cover the heart tattoo that she has in her left hand. She had it in 2008 to complement Lindsay Lohan’s design.

She made this decision because she doesn’t want to have any reminder of Lohan in her life. According to what has been written in Femalefirst.co.uk, the tattoo would be covered with a skull and crossbones.

Her relationship with Li-Lo started wayback 2008 when the the public frequently see them together. Media people began to speculate that what they are having that time is a romantic one. There has been denials until Lohan guested in a radio program Loveline where she somehow admitted it. She was asked by DJ Stryker of the length of their relationship and she answered it with “For a long time”. Lohan’s father didn’t approve her lesbian relationship but Lindsay stood by it. She insisted that the love that they have is mutual.

A year later, Lohan reported that she will be breaking with Rohan to focus in her career.

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