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Casey Anthony: Most Hated Person in America


She had this coming. This is why I thought, and wrote in an earlier article, that she might be better off in jail where she is a tad safer from public lynching or from people wanting to stone her to death on sight.

But, it is what is it, and we all know Casey Anthony had been set free, much to the dismay and consternation of the whole world. Still, that does not stop people from expressing their hatred and utter disgust over her.

Casey Anthony has now been ‘awarded’ the Most Hated Person in America distinction, according to a poll that tracts the public’s perception of celebrities.

While Anthony might not have become a ‘celebrity’ in a good way – after being tried, put behind bars for three years and then surprisingly found not guilty of murdering her two-year old daughter, Caylee, people from all walks of life know her because of her ‘alleged’ crime and that is enough to quality her to be a candidate in the polls.

The California-based E-Poll’s E-Score Celebrity research for the first week of August showed that 53 percent of those surveyed were aware of the Casey Anthony trial and 94 percent of those people disliked her.

She was also considered “creepy” by 57 percent of those questioned and “cold” by 60 percent of respondents.

The E-Score Celebrity poll is carried out weekly among a representative sample of 1,100 respondents aged 13 and over. It ranks more than 6,000 celebrities in terms of public awareness, appeal and 46 other attributes.

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