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Guru Swami Nityananda Scandal Video Caused Uproar


Guru Swami Nityananda ScandalGuru Swami Nityananda’ Scandal has rocked the foundation of Hinduism not only in South India where he is based by in the whole of India whether it has all been fabricated or not.

The Nityananda Scandal has therefore one way or another has tarnished the revered men of Hiduism like “Vyasa, Bhardwaj, Vashisth, Nanak, Ramdas and Gargi”, and the scandal has caused a furor.

The Nityananda Video Scandal was revealed through Sun TV showing Swami with two women in bed in a “seriously compromising position”.  One of the women in the video is said to be Indian actress Ranjitha who is by the way married.

As of now Swami Nithyananda has gone underground while Ranjitha has remained silent on the issue.

People and believers where so enraged of the video and some had taken the issue to the streets to protest and questioned the trueness of spiritual gurus of India.

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