Ashton Kutcher is Highest Paid Sitcom Star


His role on the new season of ‘Two and a Half Men’ has just made Ashton Kutcher the highest paid sitcom star.

And, although his take home pay is considerably lesser than Charlie Sheen’s $1.2 million per episode, Kutcher’s $700,000 per episode paycheck is enough to land him top honors.

Kutcher replaces Charlie Sheen’s ‘Charlie Harper’ character and he instead will be playing heartbroken Internet billionaire Walden Schmidt in the show.

In an interview for ‘Details’ magazine, the 33-year-old husband of Demi Moore said he has never met the man he is replacing, saying, “I’ve never met him in my life. But, you know, he sent me congratulations and wished me well via Twitter.”

Speaking of Demi Moore, sources say she is set to make a guest appearance on the show, but not as Kutcher’s love interest but of somebody else.

The couple recently threw an impromptu party for the cast and crew after the first shooting day wrapped up and sources said that Ashton is a welcome breather from Sheen’s implosive character.

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