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Old Navy Gets Sued For Using “Kim Kardashian Look-Alike” Model


American clothing brand Old Navy will be facing a lawsuit filed by reality-TV star Kim Kardashian. She is forcing the company to stop using the model who looks exactly like her in their advertisements. She said that it is clearly hijacking her popularity.

The lawsuit filed detailed that the company knew from the beginning of what they were doing and that the ads would just create confusion. “The infringing ads are likely to cause confusion, and have caused actual confusion, in the minds of the consuming public as to an association of Kim Kardashian with defendants’ products and services,” as stated.

The model whom they are referring to is Melissa Molinaro. Her name was not included in the lawsuit though as it purely against Old Navy. Molinaro had this music video-inspired campaign for the company which had gone viral. With this issue coming out, a lot has been looking for the Canadian-born entertainer. There were even pictures of the two ladies placed side-by-side as if they are twins.

Kardashian’s team is seeking for a permanent injunction preventing Old Navy and its parent company, the Gap Inc. from using her look-alike in advertising with an amount of compensatory and punitive damages that was not disclosed. The lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court for the Central District of California .

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