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Heather Mills Could be Behind Paul McCartney’s Phone Tapping


Piers Morgan is lashing back at people accusing him of having something to do or at least knowing about the phone-tapping of Paul McCartney’s phone.

Morgan is the author of the ‘Daily Mirror’ during the span of time Paul McCartney’s phone is said to have been tapped for the paper to have something to write about McCartney’s then ongoing domestic battles with former wife, Heather Mills.

Mills has accused a Mirror Group journalist of tapping her voice mails from the ex-Beatle.

For his part, Piers Morgan has denied the claims and turned the tables on Mills, claiming that she is just trying to ward off attention away from her own mischievous activities.

Morgan was quoted as saying, “When Heather Mills poked her head above the parapet, the whole thing got completely ridiculous.”

He adds, “Paul McCartney is apparently claiming someone hacked his phone. I suspect it was Heather because, if you study the divorce papers, Paul accused Heather then of hacking into his phones and passing information to the papers.

“So I suspect what she was doing was hiding herself from the whole thing.

“Heather Mills is not the best person to be throwing any dynamite at anyone on this.”

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