Salman Khan: Blood Has No Religion


Bollywood leading man Salman Khan proceeded to a camp organized by a city NCP leader to mark the birthday of Maharashtra deputy chief minister, Ajit Pawar. Aside from participating in the festivities, the actor donated blood to augment and also to facilitate the blood supply for the victims of the recent Mumbai blasts.

Hundreds of fans were craned their necks and jostled for a better position just to have even a glimpse of the actor when he arrived at the camp at Sambhaji Park.

According to organizers, Salman is one of about 7,000 people who donated blood.

Khan was quoted as saying, “Blood has no religion.” He also believes it is the most precious gift a human being can give.

NCP leader, Anil Bhosale, said every donor was given a pen-drive as an “encouragement” to participate in the worthy cause.

Meanwhile, Ajit Pawar has said that he is against celebrating his birthday considering the recent devastation brought about by the Mumbai bombings, but the party activists were keen on pushing through with the event, as it would also benefit the society.

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