Rahul Bose: Exercising Everyday is a Must


As he ushered in his 44th birthday yesterday, Bollywood actor Rahul Bose shares his secrets for his youthful and healthy appearance.

Bose insists that for him to look the way he does, exercising everyday is a must, followed by good night’s sleep and a healthy diet.

Although he has always been athletic, Rahul attributes his fit body to rugby, squash, distance running, swimming, circuits training, tennis and badminton. He revealed he was introduced to rugby by his mother.

Rahul eventually came to represent India in the sport as a national player.

He said, “While growing up, my parents, my school and my family laid a lot of importance on sports. I have always been an active child all my life. When the school would close for the summer break, all I would do is play. It would either be squash, badminton, snooker, tennis or swimming. My friends too have always been obsessive about sports.”

The talented actor also swears by yoga. As a matter of fact he carries a mat with him at all times.

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