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Mick Jagger Sings Sanskrit


Mick Jagger is indeed a living legend in the music industry!

Apparently,there’s nothing a Mick Jagger could not do.Not only he is able to sell millions of his albums worldwide,he now sings in Sanskrit! How cool could that be!

The epitome of rock music,Mick Jagger will release a new single entitled,” Satyameva Jayate”.He and the band called SuperHeavy-which consists of Oscar awardee AR Rahman,Dave Stewart ,Joss Stone and Damian Marley have already recorded the song.

Sources say, Jagger and Rahman will sing the song in Sanskrit. Satyameva Jayate or Truth Alone Triumphs in english is the national motto of the Indians and is inscribed in Devanagiri at the base of India’s national emblem.

Knowing the truth behind the songs title causes some issues about the theme of the song,whether it speaks of national pride and patriotism,However, the Marketing Vice-President of Universal India Sunil D’Sa, vehemently stated that the song is neither a patriotic or a nationalistic song. Sunil D’Sa cleared, “The song is an original AR Rahman composition. It’s not a patriotic song. It’s just that the timing was right. The other members of SuperHeavy have sung the English lyrics, while Rahman and Jagger sing in English and Sanskrit.”

The two music geniuses, Rahman and Jagger will promote the single on the first day of the third test between India and England at Edgbaston on August 10.

The single will be released by Universal Records India.

This titanic music collaboration will be the second single that the band has released.Prior to this, “Miracle worker’ has caught the frenzy of the music lovers as it was released in July.

It will also be part of SuperHeavy’s first untitled album, which hits music stands on September 19.

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