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Taylor Swift Invades The Land Down Under


Known as one of the best singer-songwriters of this generation, the young people’s favorite Taylor Swift will pursue another concert tour to Australia. After she invaded the land down under with a sold-out ticket concert last February, as early as this time, tickets for her upcoming Speak Now Tour for March of next year can already be purchased starting August 26 through Ticketek.

As expected in her concerts, this Speak Now tour will also showcase her trademark “run through the crowd” style. According to her, she is doing this because she wants to see her audience up close whom she has been facing during her performance. “If I see someone who’s just so passionate or crying or decked out in a crazy outfit from one of my videos, it makes me want to hug them,” she added.

As young as 21 years old, Swift already sold over 20 million albums and 34.3 million singles worldwide as of March of this year. Last June 2011, together with Carrie Underwood, she was named The Country Royalty for being one of the female country artists to be ranked on Rolling Stone’s Queens of Pop list.

Swift is one of those artists who has proven to a lot of people that fame can be achieved by using pure talent and hard work alone. She doesn’t need to do anything horrible for the sake of publicity.

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