Eugene Domingo Chooses to Walk Away


Eugene Domingo is one of the few Filipino actresses whose interviews I enjoy watching. Her uncanny wit mixed with intelligent humor when delivered with a straight face, is always a delight to watch. Certainly, she is one of the few who speaks her mind well because she definitely has something between her ears.

As expected, she did not disappoint in her interview with the Buzz’s Boy Abunda this afternoon. She parried and answered very well each and every nerve-wracking and controversial question Abunda threw at her.

I think Domingo is out to prove that despite being known as a ‘comedienne’, people ought to take her seriously.

But, there was one question that left her dumb-founded and at a loss for words – of the three networks she ‘crosses over’ to, GMA7, ABS-CBN and TV5, which one does she consider to be the best.

She was in a tight spot, she was after all in ABS-CBN territory, while she has a regular shows at the two other networks.

Since Abunda took the initiative to bail her out – telling her she can choose to answer or just walk away, Domingo stood up, shouted “Taxi!” and walked away (with aplomb I must say).

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