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Remake of Dirty Dancing is a go!


Back in the day, there was a different ‘Baby’ – the one immortalized by Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze in the iconic film, ‘Dirty Dancing’.

The film made such an impact in the Hollywood movie industry that it is somewhat surprising that it is only now that they have thought of doing a movie remake of it.

Well, better late than never, right?

Last we heard, Lisa Niemi, widow of the late ‘Dirty Dancing’ lead star, Patrick Swayze has given the go signal for the remake of the 1987 hit film that launched the careers of both Swayze and Grey.

Kenny Ortega, the mastermind behind the film’s original choreography and is the predictable choice to direct the remake, said he already got the green light from Niemi as well as the original cast and crew.

‘Us’ magazine quoted him as saying, “Jennifer [Grey] and I have been talking and she’s been so supportive, as has Lisa Swayze and [producer] Eleanor Bernstein, and I couldn’t be more thankful for the outreach that has happened from the cast and crew members from the original movie.”

Ortega gushed, “They’ve all said ‘Go, Ken!”

Rumors have it that Justin Timberlake, Derek Hough and Lea Michele are the top contenders for the lead roles, but Ortega refuses to confirm saying, “I haven’t read anything yet.”

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