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Michael Jackson’s Kids Adjusting to Life Without Him


If there is one good thing that came out of Michael Jackson’s untimely death, it would probably be the chance for his kids, or at least for Paris and Prince, to live ‘normal lives’.

The late King of Pop fathered three children Prince, 14 years old, Paris, 13, and Blanket, 9, but chose to keep them ‘hidden’ from the outside world by having them homeschooled, covering their faces with pieces of cloth or making them wear masks whenever they head out into the public as a family.

Now that Michael is gone, the two older kids have been going to a private school. A decision made by Michael’s mother, Katherine who was named by the late singer to be the children’s legal guardian.

A source was quoted as saying: “They are pretty happy kids now. Prince and Paris are going back to private this year. They love the social aspect of it. Paris really wants to be an actress. She loved taking acting classes.”

However, the youngest of the Jackson brood, Blanket continues to be shy and remains to be homeschooled.

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  1. Michael Jackson says:

    I love u Mike 😀

  2. lynn says:

    Normal lives???Are you kidding me?? Michael was such a great father and teacher!They wore masks with him,so the public would not recognize them, so they could go out without him, not wearing masks and be chased by paparazzi,JUST LIKE PARIS WAS RECENTLY!! He exposed them to Art, Acting classes,etc etc..82 year old grandmother…Miss you Michael

  3. am very happy to hear this i wish mj would be happy to hear this rip mj love u hugs and kisses


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