Paris Hilton Loses 2 Cellphones


Is this a case of ‘Only in the Philippines’ or a major ‘gotta hand it to Paris Hilton’ faux pas?

Of all places, why does she have to lose her two mobile phones (iPhones, according to news media reports) en route to the Philippines from Dubai? People the world over might think Filipinos are really nothing but a bunch of thieves and snatchers.

Aside from the negative repercussions on Philippines tourism, this latest Paris Hilton incident might spark another internet viral video showcasing Hilton’s ‘escapades’. Remember, what happened when she lost her mobile phone before?

Anyway, it seems she was not completely cut-off from the world because she was still able to tweet, “I love you” using the Filipino vernacular.

Hilton is in the country supposedly on an invitation by power couple, Manny and Jinkee Pacquiao. According to reports, she is also in town to promote a beach resort and open a bag boutique.

Television footage showed her looking upset while searching through a bag for her phones, as she was surrounded by airline staff at the Manila airport.

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  1. lexus says:

    i think pati bra nya nawala…

  2. anthony says:

    oo nga! ninakaw ang bra ni paris nang di nya namamalayan! hahahaha! galing ng pinoy!


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