Demi Lovato Feels Empowered


Singer Demi Lovato is beaming and looking radiantly happy these days. Aside from a new album, she is also set to celebrate her birthday – at Kim Kardashian’s wedding.

At the ‘Do Something Awards’ Lovato spoke to ‘Access Hollywood’ about her recent struggles. According to her, “The more that people tell their story, the more therapeutic it becomes. Also, if I’m able to share my story and it helps someone, then I’ve done my part.”

Lovato added that she feels empowered to be so honest about her personal difficulties, thanks to her loyal supporters.

“My fans are dealing with some of the same issues. And if I am a role model, then I need to speak up… and be there for them,” the singer said.

Lovato was admitted to a rehab center last November for treatment of “emotional and physical issues”. Her stint in rehab also led to her discovery that she is also suffering from bipolar disorder.

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