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Controversial Ram Gopal Varma Film to Open on Friday


Controversial Bollywood director, Ram Gopal Varma and everyone involved in the film ‘Not a Love Story’ can heave a collective sigh of relief – their controversial movie can now be released in theaters and is actually scheduled to open on Friday.

This is the latest development in Bollywood as the Bombay High Court gave its go signal today for the public screening of ‘Not a Love Story’, a film said to be based on the gruesome killing of television executive Neeraj Grover.

Justice SJ Vazifdar refused to grant the petition of former naval officer Emile Jerome to prohibit the release of the film as he claims not to have given his permission to Varma to do the film on this dark episode of his life. Jerome was convicted in 2008 for the Grover murder case.

Co-accused, actress Maria Susairaj, who was convicted on a lighter charge of destruction of evidence, had also sought injunction on the movie’s release.

Advocates for the film argued that, “The film was announced in April 2011 and has been widely publicized since June 2011 with disclaimer that it is a work of fiction and not based on any story or incident.”

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