Maria Aragon Starts Shooting Her Own Music Video


The Fil-Canadian Youtube star Maria Aragon is finally starting to fulfill her dream when she revealed that she is now starting to shoot her very own music video of Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way”. Her beautiful voice were first heard via Youtube when she sang her own rendition of the song. The video generated over 40 million hits and it even gave her the chance to meet Lady Gaga in person. Lady Gaga even labeled the young girl as “the future” and has been amazed by her talent.

The young rising star is currently in the Philippines and just signed a recording contract with Star Records. Aragon is very thankful of what has been happening in her life now. “I feel really grateful to be here thank you. We had to do a lot of takes and there’s a lot of concept to it,” she said.

Lady Gaga has been influencing millions of people these days and Maria would want do it as well in her own way. “Obviously I wanna make a change. Hopefully I influence other people to make a change too,” she said. During an interview in one of the country’s showbiz program “The Buzz”, Aragon gave a very inspiring message to all his fans.

“You should always stay grounded. I’ve been through a lot but the thing is you should always stay grounded. I would never be like big-headed and I always stay with God. I always pray with my family every night. Just be always grateful for what you have because there are some kids or a lot of people that don’t have what we have. We’re very privileged to have what we have,” Aragon said.

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