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Salma Hayek Airs Aversion to Surgery


In the September issue of ‘Allure’ magazine, Salma Hayek opens up about life on the ‘super rich and privileged lane’, on enjoying traveling around the world with her daughter, and her personal aversion to plastic surgery.

The Mexican-born Hollywood film actress said that although every woman has the right to preserve her youth, she believe it should not be through plastic surgery.

Hayek, 44 years old yet still magnificently stunning, says she understands the desire of women to stop the aging process, but hastens to add that beauty is something to be brought out and enhanced, not manufactured by a doctor.

She further expressed her aversion to plastic surgery by calling it “uniform of a generation” and “not beautiful”.

Hayek said, “It’s like the uniform of a generation. And it’s not necessarily beautiful. It’s not wrinkled-looking, but it’s not beautiful.”

(Aging gracefully is what women should always aim for to be considered truly beautiful.)

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  1. liet says:

    hahaha easy for her to say since she was born naturally very beautiful. If she’d been born fugly I doubt she’d feel the same!


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