‘The World According to Paris’ Comes to an End


It is not even 2012 yet but the world has already come to an end – ‘The World According to Paris’ that is.

The reality TV show featuring Hilton heiress Paris is reportedly bidding its viewers goodbye because it is not returning for a second season following its debut in June.

According to ‘Vulture’ Paris show on Oxygen earned barely 400,000 viewers on its first month’s run and the rating just continued to sink with subsequent airings.

If you will recall Paris walked out on an interview after being asked if she ever worries that her moment has passed. The question was said to have been a reflection of the low ratings her show has been garnering compared to the likes of the Kardashians’ show and other reality shows on TV.

Still the famous ‘celebutant’ chooses to remain optimistic. She took to her Twitter account and tweeted that she was “loving life” and is “so excited for all my upcoming projects. It’s going to be a super busy year, but so much fun.”

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