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Charlie Sheen’s New Goddess/Girlfriend, Megan Levant (Photo)


There is no denying that the former Two and Half Men star is messing up with his life is grand way.  He has also found many ingenious ways of raking in millions of dollars for all his crazy antics.

If we have already seen two of his girlfriends, online entertainment reports say that we should expect a new one.

Yes!  Charlie Sheen allegedly has a new goddess, a new girlfriend.

Celebuzz identified the woman as Megan Levant.

The report added that Charlie and Megan met at the Playboy Mansion and since then has made frequent trips to the embattled star’s mansion.

Megan Levant described herself on her deleted Twitter account:

“i like porn, red hots and vodka. if you feel the sudden urge to rescue a dog in need of a home – call me.”

Hmmm…birds of the same feather flock together.  We may have already found the new Hugh Hefner folks!

Photo credit: celebuzz.com

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