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‘Rambo: The Last Stand’ Script Ready


The script for the movie, ‘Rambo: The Last Stand’ is ready, but whether or not it will still star Sylvester Stallone, as the past four films did, is still up in the air.

According to Rambo screenwriter, Sean Hood, “I recently finished a first draft of Rambo: Last Stand for Millennium films, based on a story idea by Sylvester Stallone. Hopefully, Mr. Stallone will eventually have the time and the inclination to do another Rambo.”

He added, “I met with Mr. Stallone twice last year. He gave me a book, an older screenplay, and about twenty pages he’d written himself to use as inspiration for the last chapter of the Rambo saga. It’s more in line with the small-town thriller of ‘First Blood’.”

Seems kinda odd, don’t you think, because when you think of Rambo or Rocky, you naturally picture Sylvester Stallone starring in it. But, Sly is almost 70… Maybe they can write that into the script of the latest Rambo installment.

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