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Aishwarya Rai Returns Heroine Talent Fee


Though she is legally entitled to the signing amount she received from the production house, after working for eight days on the film ‘Heroine’, Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan did the honorable thing by returning the cheque the producer sent to her for agreeing to do the movie.

Aishwarya agreed to do the film of Madhur Bhandarkar when actress Kareena Kapoor refused to do the film. After the announcement of Aishwarya’s pregnancy Kareena is said to be doing the film again, but on her own terms.

A source said, “Ash was never asked to return the cheque. Senior officials of UTV Motion Pictures were taken aback when the cheque reached them. The cheque has nevertheless been accepted.”

Sources also confirmed that the film shot for eight days and Aishwarya was there for the shooting schedule. She also took part in the ‘look tests’ (where the actress is photographed in her costumes).

Hence Aishwarya was within her rights (according to the law) to keep the signing amount and could have even demanded a part of her acting fees.

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