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Kathy Griffin Does a ‘Jim Carrey’


Hollywood self-proclaimed D-lister, Kathy Griffin, takes a cue from Jim Carrey and posted a strikingly similar video message to her crush — Canadian teen singing superstar Justin Bieber.

If you will recall, Jim Carrey caused quite an internet buzz when he launched his official website by posting a video blog professing his huge crush on Spider man actress Emma Stone. The video blog was met with mixed reactions ranging from creepy, to cute to sweet.

[Personally, I found the message sweet, but I have to admit the close-up shot of seemingly love-struck Carrey was a bit creepy even for me.]

Back to Kathy Griffin’s version, she had this to say:

“I was so inspired by comic giant Jim Carey that I’ve decided to pledge my love, so this is a message for Justin Bieber.”

“Justin Bieber, I want you to know you’re all the way beautiful, even with those – like lesbian bangs, that is not any diss to the LGBT community.”

“You’re smart and kind hearted… That’s sort of an assumption, but you seem nice, if I could I would marry you, Oh, that’s actually not true.. It’s messy… We would just go steady.”

Like Carrey’s, Kathy shot her video in a confessional-style close-up shot.

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