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Mark and Donnie Set to Open ‘Wahlburger’


Mark Wahlberg soon to be the next burger king?

I love Mark Wahlberg in ‘The Departed’, the ‘Shooter’, ‘Four Brothers’ and ‘Max Paine’, I think he did a very good job acting out his characters in those films, but will he do an equally good job as a burger man?

Maybe it is his chef brother, Paul, who will do all the cooking, but I hope Mark plays a more active role in their business venture than just being an investor. After all, the joint’s name is ‘Wahlburger’

Would it not have been better if they named in ‘Walhberger’? That way, they would not have needed to ‘buy the name’ already trademarked with Tom Wahl.

But, that is getting ahead of the story, which is Mark, Donnie and Paul are opening a hamburger restaurant in Hingham, Massachusetts.

The Wahlbergs’ business partner, Ed St. Croix told the ‘Herald’, “It just works. It’s a good sounding brand we could put out the product with, a great name people could relate to.”

‘Wahlburgers’ is scheduled to open soon at the Hingham Shipyard. The brothers also own an Italian restaurant and are said to be planning on opening a pizza joint next spring.

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