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Charlie Sheen Wants Exes as Neighbors


Whatever his past problems were with his ex-wives Charlie Sheen is trying to make amends, especially for the sake of his children who may have been permanently scarred by the messy divorces he has had with their mothers.

Sheen is moving his ex-wives closer to him, so he can be closer to his children too.

According to TMZ, Sheen has moved Denise Richards, with whom he has two daughters, into a house just a few doors down from his own Beverly Hills residence. Sheen and Richards were married from 2002 to 2006, have Sam and Lola, together. Denise recently adopted on her own another baby girl.

Reports say that Sheen is also considering buying another home in his neighborhood for his most recent ex-wife, Brooke Mueller, so she and their twin sons, Bob and Max, can be a lot closer to him.

Richards is said to have already moved some of her belongings into the home, so she and the girls might be living there in approximately a week’s time.

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