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Zoe Saldana Scared of ‘New Angelina Jolie’ Tag


If the one and only Brad Pitt will come with the ‘New Angelina Jolie’ tag I would like to volunteer to take Zoe Saldana’s place.

Zoe Saldana revealed that she finds the comparison to Angelina Joilie “scary”. This came after critics have baptized her to be the “new Angelina Jolie” for portraying badass beauty roles in ‘Avatar’ and ‘Star Trek’.

And, like Brad’s better half, Saldana also opts to do her own stunts wherever possible.

Still the rising star says she feels uncomfortable being compared to Brad Pitt’s love partner.

“If I think about it in that fashion then yes (it’s scary,) I wouldn’t want to think about it in that way,” Zoe was quoted as saying.

“But I have been inspired by amazing actresses that have taken amazing risks and opened amazing doors, and I am a product of that and I am honored to be included in a group of women that have defied their own gravity.

“Besides playing amazing character roles they also have an amazing agility to do action,” Saldana adds.

[Zoe take the tag. I’ll take Brad.]

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