Maria Aragon Rides Jeepney and Tricycle


Maria Aragon shot to fame via a YouTube video showing her playing the piano while singing Lady Gaga’s ‘Born this way’. Aside from the immense popularity her video has garnered, Maria has also been invited to Lady Gaga’s concert, making her some sort of phenomenon in the Philippines and in communities abroad where Filipinos abound.

Last July she arrived in the Philippines, the country where her parents are from, and because she was not born here, Maria naturally took a fancy at riding the famous ‘jeepney’ and even ventured to ride a ‘tricycle’.

In an interview with she related how it was like riding the jeepney and tricycle for the first time.

She said, “A, on one of our trip to somewhere in Mandaluyong, I took a jeepney and a tricycle with my tita.”

Maria related that she even got a chance to say “Para!”

“There were some people who saw me and they knew who I was, but it was really fun… Tricycle, it’s so bumpy on the tricycle, but it was a very, very cool experience. A, it was really fun getting to do two of the things that Filipinos do everyday,” she added.

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1 Comment

  1. Auraphil says:

    Riding the Tricycle and the Jeepney must be a good experience for
    you Maria. One advantage with the
    Tricycle, you reach your destination faster because you dont have to wait for other Passengers. Including the Jeepney
    ride in one of your original Songs in Video will surely interests your international fans as well as Filipinos living outside the Phil. Same with
    Automobile Enthusiasts. GOD bless!!!


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