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Li-Lo’s Asking Chris Brown Out Over Twitter


No matter how often your timeline updates, most watched twitter posts by controversial stars would always create buzz in the world wide web. Disturbed star Lindsay Lohan is definitely on top of the list. She is currently completing mandatory community service after her house arrest earlier this summer yet remained active in the social networking site so as with latest showbiz events. Chris Brown’s superb mash-up performance at Sunday’s VMAS caught her attention thus earned her precious appreciation. “@ChrisBrown killed it. #MTVVMAs,” she tweeted.

Later on, Chris Brown’s public timeline contained Li-Lo’s tweet saying, “@chrisbrown wanna meet?” which left everyone waiting for his answer. No one knows if he already answered it but rather chose not to reveal it publicly. Now everyone’s wondering what will be the result of this newly formed companionship. Will it do any good to each other? Or the other way around.

Let’s all just wait what’s going to happen next. There would be a lot of ways to find the progress of their twitter-born relationship. After all, they’re both in the world of showbizness wherein anything you could ever imagine can happen. Let’s just hope it’s for the best. Stay tuned for the latest update of this story.

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