Audrina Patridge: ‘Audrina’ is Over


You can do the dance of joy Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian. There is one less competition for you on the reality TV market.

Audrina Patridge is moving on from reality TV and saying goodbye to another season of ‘Audrina’

Patridge says her days as the star of the VH1 reality show,’Audrina’ are over, saying, “No, I don’t think we are [filming another season].” We finished in April and I kind of decided I wanted to take some time off from reality. I want to do something more like acting or hosting.”

Aside from the fate of her reality show, Audrina also addressed rumors she has had plastic surgery to look picture ‘perfect’.

She said, “They always ask me about that because of Heidi [Montag] and there’s all these rumors and they all say I’ve had, like, six procedures, and I’m, like, ‘Where do you get that?’ Look at the pictures. I fluctuate in weight a lot.”

“And as far as my face, I’d never had anything done,” she hastens to add.

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