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Pippa Gets Parking Ticket


Some people say that ‘it is not what you know but who you know that matter’. Unfortunately, for Pippa Middleton, that saying does not seem to apply to her.

Even though she has very close ties with the world’s newest darling and the future queen of England, Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Kate and her husband, Prince William, Pippa Middleton will have to fend for herself – against a parking ticket.

According to reports, Pippa was slapped with a parking ticket after she parked her car, a BMW Z4, outside a Mayfair restaurant.

Pippa parked her convertible outside Scott’s Restaurant, a favorite haunt of paparazzi, to supposedly attend a meeting when the milieu of photogs soon made the car inconspicuous to the parking warden

When Pippa returned a ticket had already been slipped to the windshield.

[Good thing her car was not towed, as is the practice in the Philippines. Otherwise, she might have had to call her royal sister to have someone pick her up or haul her famous arse onto a cab]

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