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Katie Holmes Proud of Her Great Marriage


Hollywood may have raised a doubtful eyebrow over Tom Cruise’s marriage to KATIE Holmes,anticipating their marriage would not last even for a year, will probably eat their thoughts and words out as the couple- expected not to last, celebrates their “great” marriage.

A-list actor Tom Cruise married an ordinary actress Katie Holmes was like the Cinderella story Hollywood-style.They have been married for five long years and expressed that they have the “greatest marriage”

Katie,who rears five-year-old fashionista daughter Suri with husband Tom, expressed that she is proud to be the better-half of such a high profile marriage.

“It will be five years in November and our relationship is great,” she said. “My husband has made incredible movies that have impacted the world and therefore I’m a part of that now. I’m proud of it and it’s OK.”

Tom Cruise,with his box-office and award-winning movies,has clearly made him a world superstar and along his wife-who has made some decent movies, share glamour and fame wherever they go.Despite all of this, Katie admits she and Tom prefer low-key activities out of the spotlight.

“We like to play a version of Scrabble called Take Two, where you don’t use the board, just the pieces,” she said.

The32-year-old actress eloquently expresses the plight they have to undergo whenever she goes out in the public,hence,she has learned ways of coping with it.

“Some days you can go straight to Starbucks without being bothered and some days you have to switch cars and it’s something that becomes a part of your day,” she said.

“You kind of figure out how to go with it or fight it. I am still a kid from Ohio, but this is a part of my life now”

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes married last November 18, 2006, at the 15th-century Odescalchi Castle in Bracciano, Italy, in a Scientology ceremony attended by many Hollywood stars.

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