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Angelina Jolie Sends The Brangelina Pack To British School


Hollywood superstar,ANGELINA Jolie enrolls her adorable kids at a primary school located in the Southwest London.

While her better-half Brad Pitt is currently filming World War Z, the rest of the family are there with him in Richmond. The Brangelina pack have stayed the entire summer there doing pottery classes,fishing, frolicking and all other entertaining things that befits normal kids of superstar parents. Last week,the pack was spotted coming out from movie theater and enjoyed The Smurfs.

A very reliable source discloses, “The children are home tutored in the United States,”

“But wherever possible Brad and Angelina like to have them attend local schools to introduce them to the culture of each country.”

Angelina Jolie admitted that she is fairly over-protective towards her kids.They may seem to have done and seen so many things but Angelina admitted that she doesn’t allow her kids to watch some of her films-especially those with sensitive themes.

“Brad jokes with me, because I’ll watch a movie and I’ll be asleep in five minutes. I’m terrible. There’s some of my own I’ve never seen,” she said.

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